Fred's Swim Academy

Learn to swim quickly and easily during your summer vacation

Fred the frog has good reason to croak – as does everyone else who is “wet behind the ears”: at Fred’s Swim Academy, children will soon learn to swim.


Enjoy precious time to yourself, while your children are well looked after and having fun! Now, it’s time for you to …

It’s great that you’re here! Make yourself at home!

  • We will play around in the garden
  • make things out of paper plates
  • play peg games
  • have fun with finger games
  • look at picture books together
  • play in the ball pit
  • build a railroad set!
  • Experiment with noises, play with colors
  • experience “pure nature”!
  • Painting, cutting, & gluing, …
  • Im winter: snow games, building snowmen, sleigh rides, …

donkey and pony riding, feeding the animals (link zu 12), putting on great shows, making balloon animals, face painting, scavenger hunt, ball games, competitions, children’s disco and dancing with Ramsi the pixie, creative arts and crafts (nature collages, Swarovski and wooden beads, stretched canvases, plaster masks, lanterns)