Expedition Ramsi

Ramsi's Expedition – A Journey of Discovery for Young Scientists!

Parents and children follow the tracks of nature and discover the spectacular plant and animal wildlife surrounding our Ramsi Children's Hotel

These unique outdoor adventures are designed for groups of at most 16 young and old explorers. Together we explore the mountain, the forest, the river, dig for gold, and go fishing – always looking for new adventures!

Each of Ramsi's Great Expeditions​  lasts about 4 to 6 hours. We explore nature around our Ramsi Children's Hotel in small groups of up to 16 people.

The Hydrological Cycle

This clear elixir of life is part of our everyday life. We drink it, we wash in it, and children play with and in it.

This Ramsi Expedition will lead you cross country to the source, accompanied by the blubbering sound of running water.

Is water a true treasure?

Where does water come from, and how does the hydrological cycle work? How does water affect all our lives? We find answers to these and many other questions.