Expedition Ramsi

Ramsi's Mini Expeditions

Exploration journeys for young and old scientists. Get out into nature and uncover her mysteries. Together with the whole family treasure hunters and aspiring scientists explore the gorgeous natural environment surrounding Ramsi Children's Hotel.

Our Ramsi Mini Expeditions take place every day, weather permitting, and last about two hours. We spend time outdoors, so solid shoes and clothing appropriate for the season and the weather are required. There is a cover charge of EUR 8 per person (3 years and older) and mini expedition.

And best of all: Ramsi Mini Expeditions are available all year long, including winter. 

Meadow Detective

Who or what am I?

Macro photographs of insects and plants provide fascinating insights into nature. We explore the world with bug eye viewer and microscope.

At the end we ask this question: when insects go on a journey, where do they check in?

In the insect hotel, of course! And together we will make our very own.


What guests can take away: their own insect hotel