Ramsi Skischule

Ramsi Beginners - learn skiing just in front of the hotel!

Our skiing classes at Kinderhotel Ramsi are a big hit in Carinthia. Beginners at levels I & II (starting from ages 2,5) are invited to make their very skiing debut on our slopes that provide generous space to practice.
3000m2 of slopes, two magic carpets - 10 meters and 30 meters long, and of course well experienced and certified trainers that teach in groups, divided into members according to age. Skiing equipment can be borrowed from the hotel.

Ramsi Advanced Skiers

Advanced skiers are welcome at Skischule Thommi that’s close to our hotel. A shuttle service to and from the skiing school is provided sunday thru thursday. Grown up kids can perfect their skiing skills and train to become real pro’s on the slope.

The daily training units consist of 3 hours, so parents can spend the remaining day with their kids, enjoying our first-class skiing area.

If lunchtime at the Kinderhotel Ramsi is desired, a pick-up service at around 1.15p.m. will bring you back to the hotel. A kids entertainment program will be provided after lunch, taking place at the Ramsi Kids Club.

Snow & Fun guaranteed

Even if snow levels aren’t sufficient, using snow guns, Ramsi guarantees perfect snow conditions on the slopes and toboggan runs. 
For reasons of organization, beginners’ skiing classes start mondays and tuesdays. Food and care is provided for by our well trained staff. And, by the way, don’t let diapers keep you from skiing. So, get out and hit the snow!


Organizational details for beginners (Ramsi Pistenflöhe)

  • skiing classes (kids ages 2,5 to 6) take place right on site at Kinderhotel Ramsi
  • you’ll receive an email confirming your registration 5 days prior to your arrival
  • skiing classes start mondays or tuesdays and end fridays
  • detailed instructions concerning skiing classes are given sundays at 4pm
  • skiing equipment is available for rent at Kinderhotel Ramsi (Ramsi-Tipp: adults renting their equipment from Millennium-Express get free rental on kids skiing equipment)
  • free helmet rental at Kinderhotel Ramsi
  • the final ski race and subsequent award ceremony are held fridays
  • all fees for skiing classes will be included in the hotel bill and can be paid prior to your departure

Organizational details for advanced skiers (Ramsi Pistenflitzer)


  • skiing classes for advanced skiers from ages 4 are held at Skischule Thommi in co-operation with Skigebiet Nassfeld
  • you’ll receive an email confirming your registration about 5 days prior to your arrival
  • skiing classes start thursdays and end sundays
  • individual skiing skills are tested at valley station Millennium-Express in Tröpolach prior to arranging classes (minimum of 3 participants per class)
  • collecting of fees (CASH, CC and EC optional) and distribution of information and tickets at the day of arrival, 4 to 6pm at Kinderhotel Ramsi
  • in case of late arrival please pay fees and collect tickets at Skischule Thommi the following day until 9:30 am (valley station Millennium-Express)
  • skiing equipment is available for rent at the valley station Millennium-Express at the day of arrival
  • free helmet rental at Kinderhotel Ramsi
  • ski passes available at the reception of Kinderhotel Ramsi
  • Sunday thru thursday free pick-up service from Kinderhotel Ramsi to meeting point at the valley station Millennium Express, organized by Skischule Thommi.  Shuttle  service back home around 1:15pm organized by Kinderhotel Ramsi, luncheon and entertainment program included. In agreement with the skiing instructors, kids could also be picked up at the skiing school by the parents. 
  • the final ski race and subsequent award ceremony are held fridays



Ramsi Pistenflöhe I (2.5 - 3 years old)

Sampler day * € 25,- 1hrs
2 days € 50,- 1hrs/day (Mon-Tue, Tue-Wed)
3 days € 75,- 1hrs/day (Mon-Wed, Tue-Thu)
4 days € 100,- 1hrs/day (Mon-Thu, Tue-Fri)
5 days € 125,- 1hrs/day (Mon-Fri)

Ramsi Pistenflöhe II (beginner 4 -6 years old)

Sampler day * € 32,- 2hrs
3 days € 96,- 2hrs/day (Mon-Wed, Tue-Thu)
5 days € 160,- 2hrs/day (Mon-Fri)

Ramsi Pistenflitzer: beginner (7 yrs old and up) and advanced (4yrs old and up)

2 days € 132,- ** 3hrs/day (Sun-Mon)
3 days € 185,- ** 3hrs/day (Sun-Tue)
4 days € 205,- ** 3hrs/day (Sun-Wed)
5 days € 230,- ** 3hrs/day (Sun-Thu)

* Sampler day only possible on Monday or Tuesday!

** inkl. transfers!

Ski equipment rental for Pistenflöhe:

€ 4,- daily for ski boots | € 6,- daily for skis | safety helmets are free

Ski equipment rental for Pistenflitzer:

please get it on arrival day at Skiverleih „NTC& Sport Sölle“ next to the valley station of Millennium- Express.

Ramsi Tip: if one parent is renting skis or ski boots at Skiverleih „NTC Sport Sölle“, one kid (under 10 years old) will get skis/ski boots for the same booking period for free!