Ramsi Farm

Farm Holidays

Come to feed, pet, ride, or simply watch the animals

A variety of animals live on the Ramsi farm but one thing’s for certain: our children love all of the Ramsi animals!


The new Ramsi animal certificate!

If you really love animals and want to help feed them, then simply earn your animal certificate. This certificate proves you know how to behave when you are dealing with animals.


Some of the favorites are…

  • Fanny und Chiara, the two patient donkeys
  • Antonio the black, cheeky miniature horse.
  • Selina, the children-loving pony
  • der Hase the rabbit and his many friends – with drooping ears, fluffy fur, and button nose
  • Mimi the cuddly cat
  • The two grunting, pot-bellied pigs Asterix and Obelix
  • Mizzi, and Loisl the two good-natured zebu cattle with their big, brown eyes
  • Jonathan the proud rooster with his companion Bertha the hen
  • Cindy, the meddlesome pygmy goat
  • And everything else that “creeps and crawls” in the Ramsi Noah’s ark– you are sure to be delightfully surprised